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Why Are Science Experiments Important for Preschoolers?

Posted by Dave Smith on Wed, Nov 08, 2023 @ 12:53 PM

Kids are naturally curious, and science experiments are a useful way to foster this trait in children as young as preschoolers—and that’s just one of their many benefits.

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Topics: Child Development, Learning, Preschool

Help Your Child Prepare By Doing Preschool Puzzles

Posted by Dave Smith on Wed, Jun 07, 2023 @ 08:00 AM

Puzzles can be the perfect toy for preschoolers: not only are they fun, but they also help in their development in numerous ways. In fact, Empowered Parents lists more than a dozen of them!

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Topics: Child Development, Learning

How Parents Can Develop an Independent Toddler

Posted by David Smith on Wed, May 24, 2023 @ 07:00 AM

While babies naturally grow more independent as toddlers, there are plenty of ways that parents can support this independence in their day-to-day activities. The result can be a toddler who is more secure and confident—and, yes, more independent.

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Topics: Child Behavior, Learning, Toddler Care

How About Trying These Fun Ways to Teach the Alphabet?

Posted by Dave Smith on Wed, Mar 01, 2023 @ 09:00 AM

Learning the alphabet is one of the necessities of life, and there are many fun ways to teach the alphabet to your kids.

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Topics: Kindergarten, Child Development, Learning, Preschool

Afterschool Enrichment Programs Offer Unique Educational Opportunities

Posted by Dave Smith on Wed, Feb 01, 2023 @ 09:00 AM

Afterschool enrichment programs provide many opportunities and benefits for children. They give kids a chance to interact with each other in an educational setting that’s less formal… and safe.

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Topics: Child Behavior, Child Benefits, Learning, Afterschool

Use This Child Behavior Checklist To Address Common Issues

Posted by Dave Smith on Wed, Nov 16, 2022 @ 09:00 AM

We’ve put together a child behavior checklist to help you handle some common behavioral issues you may be dealing with. If your children engage in any of these behaviors, here are some helpful tips on how you should respond.

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Topics: Child Behavior, Child Development, Learning

How To Decrease The Risk of Spreading Germs For Preschoolers

Posted by David Smith on Wed, Oct 19, 2022 @ 09:00 AM

Decreasing the risk of spreading germs for preschoolers is easier said than done.

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Topics: Learning, Preschool, Health Tips

Here Are Some Benefits And Best Practices in Early Literacy

Posted by Dave Smith on Wed, Oct 05, 2022 @ 09:00 AM

Literacy, at its simplest, involves learning sounds and how they connect to make words—and how those words form the basis of language. As children become more literate, they can communicate more effectively and with more confidence. 

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Topics: Skill Building, Learning, Social Interaction

What Should You Put in Your Child's Busy Bag?

Posted by David Smith on Wed, Sep 28, 2022 @ 09:00 AM

If this term is new to you, busy bags contain age-appropriate activities that a toddler or preschooler can enjoy on the go. (That said, there’s nothing wrong with creating one for an elementary school child!) 

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Topics: Learning, Toddler Care

Spelling Help: Tips for Teaching Your Child How to Spell

Posted by David Smith on Wed, Aug 10, 2022 @ 09:00 AM

Traditionally, many people considered the three core subjects for elementary school-aged children to be reading, writing, and arithmetic—and, while all three are clearly important, to read well, children first need to learn the correct way to spell.

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Topics: Child Development, Learning



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