Horizon ChildrenWhen the parents of toddlers communicate in person or online, one topic that comes up frequently is potty training. There is no one right thing to do to get through this phase because every child is different. However, you can feel at ease knowing that if you send your child to a Horizon Education Centers location, your child will not be turned away because he or she is not potty-trained. In fact, we provide potty training assistance.

As you can imagine, the trend in advice for 21rst century parents is to accentuate the positive. You do not want to shame or berate your child into becoming potty-trained. Instead, parents try various techniques to help a child get acclimated to this new responsibility. And it is a responsibility: what has become second nature for an adult can seem like a burden to a young child who has not had to be concerned with it earlier in the brief time he or she has been living.

In "Toilet training enough to drive you potty" one parent writes about the five-hour potty party she tried after reading about this method online. At the beginning of this account, the writer promises not to use unappetizing words or brag about how easy it was to potty train her child. Instead, she writes about trying to do things differently with her second child because she and her husband felt that they attempted to potty train their first child too early and details her efforts to follow one method and switching when that method was not effective.

She writes of how after many attempts "something clicked" days later. And that is often what happens when one is trying to potty train a child.