Childs Desk SpaceHelping your child switch gears and get back into the school groove at the end of summer takes some time and patience. Use the tips below and in our previous post to help the transition go more smoothly.

Reset the morning alarm.

To help your child reset his body clock, you’ll have to wake him up earlier in the morning so he’ll be tired at his new bedtime. As soon as you start adjusting your child’s bedtime, start waking him up when he’ll need to start getting ready for school. Don’t give in to pleas for “just a few more minutes.” Flip on the light, open the curtains and start the day!

If your child fights the new morning routine, try a little incentive the first week to get him out of bed. Let him watch a little TV or play a video game or help you make pancakes for breakfast.

Set up a place for homework.

Unclutter your child’s desk and get it ready for the school year. Clear away toys and summer rock collections and stock up on paper, pencils and other school necessities so everything your child needs to do his homework is in one place and ready for action.

If you child doesn’t have a desk, designate a special place in your home for homework and fill a storage container or basket with school supplies. Keeping everything in one portable container will keep your child from wasting time hunting down a pencil or dictionary and help him stay focused on his homework.

If your child is having trouble adjusting to new school or day care routines, ask our experienced teachers for additional tips.