Moving with a ToddlerIf you have move coming up soon, you will appreciate this list of "10 Tips for Moving With a Toddler" that was published on Whatever difficulties adults have making during a move, they will have a better understanding of what is going on. For a toddler a move can be uncomfortable since at that age a child may be leaving the only home he or she has ever known. With some thought and planning you can ease your child into this transition.

Plan ahead for meals and snacks:

While an adult can make do with takeout or pull together something while the house is filled with boxes, a toddler needs nutritious meals and some sense of continuity. You can get things that are easy to prepare like "fruit pouches, dried fruit, individual applesauce, and frozen veggies."

Get help:

If you can have someone who can focus on keeping your toddler occupied while you handle the move, things will go much more smoothly. The writer and her husband sacrificed airline miles to fly her mother in and found it was worth it.

Buy a special toy:

Your toddler will hopefully focus on a coveted new toy and not be anxious because most of his or her other things are being packed away. You can leave out a few of your child's favorites but the novelty of the new toy will give him or her a focus.

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