Horizon Middle SchoolChildren need a safe place to turn to for an after school program that will enrich their lives while it promotes learning and incorporates fun. That's what Horizon Education Centers as part of the 21st Century Community Learning Center Programs are all about.

At Horizon Education Centers, we provide an opportunity for your children to interact with their peers in a setting that helps them to grow as citizens and also fosters their academic achievements. We provide a variety of age-based activities, including various clubs for students to participate in and individual or group homework assistance with qualified tutors. We believe in helping students to understand who they are as people and we offer them a variety of activities to help spark their interest in new things.

We are dedicated to being a resource for families. Many children require extra instruction in order to achieve excellent grades in school. By providing the type of assistance that compliments what students learn in school, we have learned how to help students achieve their educational goals.

The families of those children who participate in our programs benefit as well. We also offer literacy and other educational services to those who need them within the family. We have a well-rounded program that is dedicated to seeing children and their families succeed.

With a caring, qualified and professional staff, you can rest assured that your child will reap incredible benefits from participating in our after-school middle school programs, regardless of his or her age. We are excited to see your child grow and mature right before our eyes.

For more information on how your child could benefit from our program, please don't hesitate to contact us today at any of our five middle school serving locations.