Importance of preschoolIn a video shown at the Children’s Defense Fund conference in Cincinnati this summer, Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke came out strongly in favor of early childhood education. (Click here to hear Mr. Bernanke’s address.) The Fed chief focused on the economic benefits that accrue to children that begin their education at an early age, noting that Head Start and quality childcare and preschool programs not only prepare children to succeed academically, they increase their opportunities for economic success. In the video, Mr. Bernanke mentions a study that found that preschoolers who attended a high-quality day care center were more likely to own their own homes by the time they reached their 40s.

But the value of preschool goes far beyond potential future earnings. Preschool teaches children how to learn so that they can succeed in school. Being successful in school is as much about learning appropriate social behavior as it is about knowing your numbers and letters. Underlying the play and activities, preschool children learn how to listen, follow directions, cooperate, focus their attention, and behave in an orderly manner – all skills required in kindergarten are essential for success in elementary school. Children that don’t enter kindergarten with those critical learning skills often start falling behind their preschool-educated peers almost immediately, educational experts say. If schools or families do not have the resources to provide these children with the additional instruction they need, some children never catch up.

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