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Sharing, taking turns, going first or last – these are all necessary social skills that we strive to teach our children. Learning how to play well with others and consider not only your own needs and wants but those of others are critical life skills that prepare children to live and work in society as adults.

Socialization Begins Early

The process of learning social skills begins in the home with a child’s first interactions with his parents and siblings and continues throughout life. Finding opportunities for your child to interact with other children his own age can help jump start the socialization process as children reach school age and begin to expand their social circles beyond the family.

Benefits of Early Socialization

Children who have already begun to hone their social skills are better prepared to succeed in the classroom. Children who have early opportunities to practice social skills with other children also seem to have an easier time making friends and weathering the ups and downs of childhood friendships.

Camp Makes Socialization Fun

Summer day camps are a fun way to provide your children with early socialization experiences in a supervised and nurturing setting. Summer day camp programs provide a nice balance of activities that give children experience socializing in large and small groups and one-on-one pairings, each experience allowing children to practice different socialization skills. Periods of unstructured play also allow children opportunities to create their own social groups.

Horizon Education Centers have a rich history providing high quality, fun summer programs for children that promote socialization, learning and personal growth. Click here to watch our summer camp videos.

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