Afterschool tutoring

Many parents have expressed concern about new Ohio education reforms that go into effect this fall, particularly the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. The centerpiece of the new reform package is the stipulation that children achieve a satisfactory reading level before being passed to the next grade level. Under the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, schools are allowed to hold children back for up to two years so they can obtain the additional help they need to achieve the required level of reading proficiency. In signing the education reform bill in June, Governor Kasich said, “The worst thing we can do is to have social advancement because you’re stealing a kid’s future.”

While no one disagrees with the goal of the reading guarantee, critics have expressed concern that cash-strapped school systems may not have the resources to provide the additional individualized instruction that will likely be required to help students with reading deficiencies achieve targeted proficiency goals. Horizon Education Centers’ 21st Century Community Learning Centers can help fill the gap. Our free afterschool learning centers offer quality homework help and enrichment programs for children ages 6 to 12. Our qualified teaching staff can provide the one-on-one tutoring your child needs to achieve proficiency in reading or any other school subject.

Our 21st Century Community Learning Center programs use a technology-empowered curriculum to engage students’ interest and promote a desire to learn. Using award-winning interactive content that augments skills learned in the classroom, students are able to work at their own pace with our qualified teachers on hand to provide individual instruction as needed.

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