864f14b945b43ea1117976824e47cd71A science writer penned a surprising column entitled "Dear Parents: Please Ignore the Latest Research" Nicholas Day does not want parents to completely ignore scientific findings but does want to caution them against becoming too anxious or preoccupied based on the information they read in one study.

According to Day, there are scientists out there doing great work and you don't have to completely ignore it but you should wait:

"Science works in small, boring ways. Findings have to accumulate, and they take their time to do so. They rarely arrive in a baby-manual-ready bundle, already replicated, with a massive data set backing up the conclusions. Unless you are a scientist doing infancy research yourself, a single study means very little."

Day cites a study that found negative effects from pacifier use in boys (and only boys). Reading that may pique a parent's interest but that does not mean that you need to get rid of all pacifiers because one study found there may be drawbacks. And by the time further research backs up or disputes the evidence of this study, your child may no longer be using a pacifier.

Like you, we follow the news and are interested in making sure we are doing the best for the children in our care. However, there is something to be said for instinct and experience. You and the people who care for your child on regular basis are aware of your child's unique characteristics.

We thank you for trusting us with your child and do our best to provide each child in our Day Care, Toddler Care and Afterschool programs with exceptional care.