toddler - leftyBeing a lefty in a right-handed world can be a challenge (see our previous post). Infants and young toddlers experiment with both hands equally; but around age 2 or 3, most children start showing hand preference when reaching for, picking up or holding toys.

If your child shows a left-handed preference, talk to his or her Horizon Education toddler care teacher. Our teachers can work with your child to help him master everyday skills. You’ll also find our teachers a great source of tips to use at home, including the following:

  • When teaching new skills, stand facing your child. Standing opposite you child creates a mirror image, reversing your right-handed motions and making it easier for your lefty to copy tying shoes or throwing a ball.
  • At meal times, point cup handles toward your child’s left hand and place utensils on the left.
  • Position your child’s chair at the table so he won’t bump into other family members when eating.
  • When your child is old enough for scissors, purchase left-handed scissors. Tell your Horizon child care or toddler care teacher you have a lefty. All Horizon Education classrooms are stocked with supplies designed for left-handed children. When your child reaches school age, you’ll find many left-handed school supplies available.
  • When your child is ready for writing, teach him to hold pencils or crayons between the thumb and first two fingers (as a right-handed person does). Using a triangular pencil grip will help him position his fingers correctly. To minimize smudging have your child hold the pencil about an inch up from the tip and buy quick-dry or non-smudging pens.
  • As your child starts playing sports, look for left-handed sports equipment.