Horizon teaches patienceIn "Teach Your Child the Value of Patience," MemphisParent.com offers suggestions for activities that will instill this value. As the article point out, after a child gets accustomed to instant oatmeal and all of the other conveniences in our world, it might be difficult to understand why some things take time.

Find examples in nature

The article suggests finding caterpillars and building a butterfly habitat so your child can wait for a butterfly to emerge. If you can't do this, you may be able to find books or TV shows that show this process.

You can also have your child plant seedlings in the backyard or start a small plant on a windowsill. The experience of watering a seed and watching it grow slowly is a great way to show your child that sometimes we have to wait for things.

Music Lessons

Music lessons do not only teach a child how to sing or play an instrument; there are life lessons to be had as well. According to MemphisParent.com, "Studies have shown that playing a musical instrument stimulates multiple areas of the brain. Better, in order to progress your child must practice and learn patience to polish his skill."

Craft Projects

me projects, like drawing on paper with crayons, do not take long and you are rewarded with a finished product in a relatively short period of time. Making a piñata, a model airplane, or a gluing together a house from popsicle sticks involves more work and time to let things dry. Your child will see his or her patience rewarded of they are able to step away from such projects until they are ready to be handled.

Horizon Education Centers does not just meet your childcare needs; we are committed to the development of well-rounded children. We offer activities and projects that will give your child opportunities to see the rewards that come with effort and patience.