northeast ohio educationIn a recent article on, educators are applauding the efforts of school districts in Northeast Ohio. The students scored very high on Ohio State's report cards. However, the Cleveland and several other surrounding school districts didn't fare so well. In fact, they scored near the bottom of all of the schools in Ohio.

The report cards measure several factors, including the graduation rates of students and how much progress they've made since the prior year. It's clear that schools in the Cleveland area are in need of serious help in order to raise their scores, and help is needed sooner rather than later.

By 2016, the school districts in the State of Ohio will be making a shift toward Common Core curriculum, which will place all students on the same educational track in all subjects. Common Core is a national movement that proponents believe will provide the additional help students need to be successful in school.

Here at Horizon Education Centers, we're much more than just a daycare center or after school center for middle schoolers. It's our goal to provide additional educational instruction for the students we serve. In our support of early learning, our toddler programs help to equip children with the tools and the foundational building blocks they need to be successful when they begin school in a few years. Other educational programs are in place to provide support to students and families as children get older.

School-age children have the ability to benefit from our computer labs to help them finish their homework. Also, any additional instruction or assistance they might need is readily available to them.

If you would like to talk with us about how Horizon Education Centers can help your child, contact us today!

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