alphabet recognition

Toddlers are like tiny sponges; they absorb information quickly. With their new found information on hand, it's only natural they'll try to repeat what they've seen or heard. For them, the information is fun and interesting. They don't yet understand emulating sights and sounds is one of the first steps in the learning process. Another step in the process is the ability to recognize letters of the alphabet. These processes are stepping stones to reading and writing.

At Horizon Education Centers, our goal is to support, encourage, and enlighten children to learn in a positive and stress free environment and reinforce what they're learning at home.

Helpful Tips

There are several tips to consider in helping your child take that first step into the world of alphabet soup. Below is a list of five that can have positive results. Keep in mind children do best when learning at their own pace.

• The use of visual aids is a powerful tool. Whether using flash cards, index cards, or alphabet picture books, "seeing" enforces sight with sound.

• Reading is an excellent way for toddlers to "hear" the letters. Reading, singing, and talking to your toddler from an early age helps acclimate them to each letter's specific sound.

• Play games using letters such as asking what words start with a particular letter. Use the first letter of their name as a starting point.

• Purchase games such as LeapFrog Letter Factory or Sound Puzzles Alphabet to teach letter recognition and sound.

• While reading a book, ask your child to point out letters based on the sound to encourage letter recognition.

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