flash cards early childhood educationToddlers and preschoolers love to learn, in awe of the world around them and hungry for knowledge. It is very easy for them to have fun learning math, reading skills, and more. There are many great tools, such as flashcards, to encourage early learning in your children, provided you keep a few things in mind:

#1 - Timing is everything.

You want your child to be refreshed and generally feeling good when you use flash cards and other learning tools with them. Your child is no different than you; they get grumpy when they’re sick, tired, or hungry too. Following breakfast, lunch or nap time typically offers the best timing for learning.

#2 - Keep it simple.

Frustrating your child is not conducive to learning. When learning reading skills, start with letters and short, simple words combined with pictures. Don’t fret if you child is not ready for a concept. Let it go, the time will come soon enough.

#3 - Make it routine.

When used correctly and frequently, around 3-5 times per week, early learning flashcards boost learning. However, establishing a routine is essential.

#4 - Become a fan of repetition.

Don’t just point out a letter, word, number, or concept once. Repeat it 4-5 times before moving on. (However by the same token, don’t leave cards in the same order, which leads to memorization rather than identification.) Aim for quality, not speed to better help children understand and recognize new concepts.

#5 - Be present and positive.

Use clapping, funny noises, and lots of praise to keep children engaged, making the experience fun and positive. They'll keep coming back for more.

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