Family Night

The focus of North Olmsted's February family night was anti-bullying. It featured a special not-really-guest-speaker , AJ Long, who focused on the idea that "The End of Bullying Begins with Us." Mr. AJ works with Maple Intermediate School and coordinates the afterschool activities in North Olmsted. He shared some of his experiences at both locations and called for all students to make the promise. “The end of bullying really does begin with us.” he said, “and it will not end until everybody makes this promise.”  

Families enjoyed a pasta dinner and the students signed a banner that read the theme "The End of Bullying Begins with Us." The night also included anti-bully themed coloring activitiesdescribe the image and good, old-fashioned family time. 

More About Bullying

Bullying has become a serious problem in schools and in the youth community. Through activities like this, Horizon Education Centers aim at being bully free, to be a place where every child can be safe and happy. It is important that every child understands what bullying is. They need to know how to recognize it, and how to stop it. The best way to prevent is to educate.

Horizon Education Centers hope that family nights like this one will inspire the students to be more active in anti bullying and be a positive influence in their schools.

Special thanks to Mr. AJ for his speech and to all the families who participated in Family Night! To learn about upcoming family nights, follow us on facebook or on twitter.

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