The Horizon Education Center in North Olmsted’s theme of the week is Animal Planet. The children have been researching a diverse range of species, and making creations that show just how fun learning can be. This week’s field trip was a day at the African Safari in Port Clinton, Ohio. Here the children experienced the animals that they have been researching closely, as well as many others. First, the children toured a collection of large birds and other smaller animals, such as kangaroos and warthogs. While the children enjoyed this walk-through, their favorite part (almost unanimously!) was the drive through section. There, the animals came straight up to the bus to eat out of cups full of food! The children enjoyed watching the deer, antelope, zebras, giraffes, buffalo, and more right from their own bus seats. When we were ready to leave, the children were excited to have seen most of the animals they had researched, but wanted to know more about the animals they had not researched yet. 


At Horizon Education Centers, we provide out of the classroom experiences because we see the increased ambition to learn that students demonstrate before and after field trips. These students will go home knowing that buffalos aren’t just six feet tall--they are nose high to a bus window! It is these memories that your child builds during field trips that support a sense of curiosity, which in turn keeps them engaged in science fun.

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