Afterschool enrichment programs provide many opportunities and benefits for children. They give kids a chance to interact with each other in an educational setting that’s less formal… and safe.

It might be surprising to think that school-aged children only spend about 20% of their time in school. And when the school day ends, one in every five young people in the United States is alone. a teacher working with children at an after-school enrichment program.

That’s reason enough to point out the need for a protected space for kids until their caregivers return home. What’s more, when an afterschool enrichment program is of high quality, numerous additional benefits exist.  

The Benefits of Afterschool Enrichment Programs

A Safe Place To Learn

According to, effective afterschool programs provide a safe environment for children to “explore their potential” in a structure that promotes positive development. Afterschool enrichment programs enhance academic learning as well as other types of crucial development: cognitive, emotional, and social. These programs also reduce risky behaviors and promote physical health.

Horizon's Programs for School-aged Children

It’s a Return on Your Investment

The government source shares how after-school programs provide a significant return on investment, as well. Every dollar invested into quality programs saves at least three dollars. How? By boosting the participants’ earning potentials and school performances while also reducing juvenile delinquency and crime. 

Afterschool Enrichment Programs Offer Intellectual Stimulation

Young asian girl playing with color blocks at home . Kindergarten educational games at an afterschool enrichment program.sAfterschool programs can fill in the gaps left by school learning, offering support in targeted areas in personalized ways. As innovative ideas are introduced to children, they can keep their minds sharp, and primed for lifelong learning.

As shares, after-school enrichment programs also provide opportunities for creative exploration. At school, core learning topics and activities can take priority. Afterschool programs, though, can “re-introduce creativity” as children seek knowledge while enjoying the experience. 

Broadens Areas of Interest

Quality afterschool enrichment programs, notes, introduce children to new topics, ones they call “sometimes interesting, sometimes challenging.” As your child builds new skill sets, this helps to form self-esteem and can lead to the exploration of career options. Even if a particular skill doesn’t transition into a career, your child can build upon talents that otherwise might not have been introduced to them. 

Improves Social and Emotional Skills

The researchers at also say that regularly participating in high-quality afterschool programs can improve socialA group of happy children of boys and girls run in the Park on the grass after school. and emotional competencies, including 

  • Prosocial behavior
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Better concentration efforts
  • A higher sense of self-worth 

Sometimes called “life skills,” afterschool programs allow children to engage with others in small groups, giving them the chance to build friendships and strengthen connections. Children can learn to better communicate their wants, needs, and interests; solve programs; become more self-aware and self-reliant; and much more.

Afterschool Enrichment Programs at Horizon Education Centers    

Our afterschool programs provide a safe place for children to benefit in multiple ways while parents are at work or school. These include a focus on:

  • Academic success, including homework help
  • Physical and wellness development
  • STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) exploration

Our centers offer tech capabilities for schoolwork, and transportation is available as we serve families in Lorain and Western Cuyahoga counties. Children in our programs benefit from opportunities to develop interests in art, science, music, and more while enhancing their social skills. When helping with homework, our caring team provides direct instruction and immediate feedback while using a technology-powered curriculum. 

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Horizon Education Centers offers childcare in Northeast Ohio. Centers are located in Cuyahoga County and Lorain County.