Child at HorizonWhen your child leaves kindergarten and begins elementary school, he or she is entering a new phase. provides parents with some insight into what to expect during this year:


  • As you may have noticed, at six, your child has a longer attention span than he or she may have had in previous years.
  • As is the case through most phases of childhood, children look for stability. They find comfort in routines and in interactions with adults who are stable.
  • A six-year-old wants to help and be given tasks to complete but will need a lot of help and guidance from an adult. Your child may seem very capable but will still need your assistance and reassurance that they are doing things correctly.
  • This is time when many children are not ashamed to show what they can do, as observes, "six-year-olds are confident and delight in showing off their talents." As the age they will understand more about when it is and is not time to break out karate moves or a dance routine.

Motor Skills

  • By the age of six a child can walk, run, skip, jump, hop and dance and yet says, "Although far from proficient in motor skills, this does little to dampen their enthusiasm for trying out new activities and sports." Part of the reason for this is that at this age, a child is still mastering coordination. For this reason they may still have to work on catching and throwing. Since practice makes perfect, being involved in sports, dance lessons, and other physical activities will help a child to develop these skills.

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