Learning the alphabet is one of the necessities of life, and there are many fun ways to teach the alphabet to your kids.

Children naturally learn through repetition but, if you’ve already sung the Alphabet Song more times than you’d like, here are fun ways to mix up how you teach your children their ABCs. 

Videos Offer A Fun Way To Teach The Alphabet

This can include watching engaging alphabet-themed videos together; ones to consider include:

  • Alphabet Song: This version adds plenty of catchy rhythms as well as colorful letter graphics to allow your child to see and say each of the letters.
  • See It, Say It, Sign It: In this video, as the name implies, children can learn how to sign each of the letters as they learn to recognize and speak them out loud.
  • ABC Phonics Song: Eye-catching imagery helps children to connect letters with words they use in everyday language. 

Learn ABCs While You Eat

After learning through video and song, children can also enjoy eating their ABCs! WeAreTeachers.com suggests that parents look for ways to transform mealtime into a time when children can get nourished and learn their letters. Be creative in how you turn food—such as pancakes, gelatin, and noodles—into the shapes of letters. 

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The site also suggests that you make sensory ABC bags. Take a gallon-sized plastic bag and put letters into it: letter tiles, magnetic letters, pieces of paper with letters written on them, and more. Then, fill up the bag with oatmeal or rice and seal it up. Your child can then have fun digging through the bag until they find all the letters of the alphabet and identify them.

Go on an ABC Scavenger Hunt

FantasticFunandLearning.com lists ten fun ways to teach the alphabet. You can, for example, create an ABC scavenger hunt in your home. Hide flashcards with individual letters in a room, and then let your child hunt for them. If you’ll be on the road, challenge your child to find each letter of the alphabet on signs or license plates. If they are more advanced in their alphabet skills, have them find the ABCs in order. 

ABC Fun at the Library

You can also head to the library to check out books about the alphabet. Ask the children’s librarian for suggestions or request books like these:

  • TouchThinkLearn: ABC by Xavier Deneux: The board book is interactive, ideal for tactile learners and those who enjoy exploring the world through their senses. It comes with scooped-out die cuts as well as letters that are raised—each forming engaging textures.
  • Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert: This book introduces fruits and vegetables from around the globe while teaching both upper- and lowercase letters. At the end of the book, your child can discover interesting facts about each of the foods listed. 
  • LMNO Peas by Keith Baker: Tiny peas learn about the alphabet in this book as they play in and around the letters. Children can learn about jobs associated with each letter—as well as hobbies and other activities. 

Kids learn to read. Colorful abc phonics flash cards for kindergarten and preschool childrenThere are plenty of other fun ways to teach the alphabet, too, including alphabet-themed coloring pages. Give your child a box of crayons, and let them learn as they create their own art. You can also show them pictures of letters and ask them to draw letters on construction paper before colorfully decorating them. Be creative!

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