early childhood education performance boostAmerican performance in the recently released 2012 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) stunned many who were surprised that American teens stacked up so poorly against their peers in 65 other countries. Rather than leading their peers in the global community, American 15-year-olds languished in the middle of the pack, scoring only average marks in reading, science and math.

The Key to Future Success

While PISA results have sparked a lively debate about the quality of U.S. education, tucked within the report was a promising revelation about the importance of early childhood education that should interest Lorain County parents. Within the 34 member nations of PISA’s sponsoring group, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, “students who attended early childhood programs performed better – a full year ahead of their peers,” Kris Perry, executive director of the nonprofit First Five Years Fund, wrote in the Washington Post.

“The answer is clear,” Perry said, “a serious focus on the education and health of children from birth to age 5, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, can lay the foundation for achievement in school, college, career and life.”

Benefits beyond Education

Perry noted that high quality early childhood education programs “result in fewer referrals to special education programs, reduced grade repetition and increased high school graduation rates.” New research also indicates a connection between high quality early childhood education and “the development of lifelong character and critical thinking skills.”

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