pacifier habit

Pacifiers are powerful. They can calm a cranky baby, soothe a fussy toddler, and placate a child just because it can. The problem with a powerful pacifier is sometimes it becomes something your child feels he or she can't do without. Like thumb sucking, a pacifier can easily become a habit.

Breaking the Habit

By the time your child is ready to participate in toddler programs at local centers like Horizon Education, the pacifier should be a thing of the past. Consider these suggestions to help your child put down the pacifier and be okay with its absence.

• The first step in breaking the power of the pacifier is to remove it from your child very early on. Don't wait until they have a vocabulary and able to vocalize their displeasure.

• Use psychology. Give your child a date in the future they will understand such as a birthday. Let them know on that date, the pacifier will no longer be available.

• Take the pacifier away gradually. This may take longer but it may work better for your child.

• Create a trade option where your child can trade in the pacifier for something they want.

• Make it a special occasion by leaving the pacifier for the Binky fairy.

• Lose the pacifier on purpose, or, if it’s misplaced, let it stay lost.

• Let your child "give it away" as a gift because it's so special.

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