early learning center demandsChild development in the early years is important. Selecting a quality educational program for your toddler is a crucial decision in providing the foundation your child will need to continue to learn and grow.

Ensure your early learning center holds these important qualities:

  • Low teacher to child ratio 
    Less children per caregiver provides adequate supervision and ensures quality, one-on-one attention for your child.
  • Small group size
    Smaller groups of children offer a calmer, safer, more family-like environment.
  • Caregiver quality
    Early childhood education requires training and education in child development – what kind of education, classes, and workshops do your child’s caregivers receive?
  • Low turnover
    Stability is important for young children. Look for an early learning center with a low turnover rate to ensure your child receives the consistency they need.
  • A clean, safe environment
    Learning environments should be clean and organized, providing appropriate toys and materials. Outside play areas should be fenced and age-appropriate. Relevant licensure should be prominently displayed. Caregivers should be knowledgeable of appropriate CPR and first aid procedures. In addition, discipline policies should be clear and well-understood by both you and your child.
  • Family participation
    The best early learning centers work to cultivate a relationship with parents and other caregivers for the benefit of the child. Successful educational programs share information about each child's development, encouraging family participation and suggestions and welcoming unannounced visits.

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