school reviewIn "4 ways to help your child succeed" USAWeekend offered tips for parents that require that parents to not only invest time in their child but you also think strategically about education and those that do are likely to reap the rewards later (if not sooner).

"Take a tour." Parents should ask to tour a school with a principal before enrolling a child. You may be surprised at this advice, perhaps thinking that a principal would not take the time to do this kind of tour, but many do. Parents should do the same before enrolling a child in day care or an after school program. You are welcome to visit a Horizon Education Centers location to see the facilities.

"Meet." While you can wait for a parent-teacher conference to meet with your child's teacher, the article says you should not do this. You should lay a good foundation for your relationship with your child's teacher by getting "on the same page with teachers at the start of the year." Developing a rapport with your child’s teacher means you will likely have an easier time communicating should any issues arise or should you need to ask for extra help for your child.

“Become a member.” Joining the organization for parents at your child's school will give you a lot of insight and information about your child's school. There are some things you will never find out unless you interact with other parents and staff. You can choose your level of involvement: joining doesn’t mean that you must lead committees or work on every fundraiser

"Don't overload." The article speaks of not overloading children with advanced-placement courses but for young children this would apply to extracurricular activities and clubs. School needs to be the focus.