Helping and teaching at homeAt Horizon Education Centers, our staff of professional staff of caring teachers works with children on a daily basis and we know that while you love them, you can feel challenged by your children. Teachers are trained in classroom management and learn discipline techniques along they way to find ways to keep kids on the right track. For most parents, some things come naturally, while other aspects of parenting take some time and experience to master. offers “13 Discipline Tricks from Teachers” to help parents consider new ways to administer discipline:

Give them a chance to start over

One teacher said that kids often know they are doing something the should not be doing and that your disappointment can be a better motivator than a scolding. However, if you tell your child that you are disappointed with his or her behavior and give an opportunity for the task to be done again and your child doesn't act accordingly, the next step can be to take away a privilege.

Hover over your child

One teacher said she will "simply drift over to where the kid is goofing around" and that can be a powerful deterrent. Every infraction does not merit scolding. writes that you can peek into your daughter's room or peek over your son's shoulder when he's doodling rather than finishing homework.

Tell Your Child How His or Her Actions Affect Others

One teacher see may give a student a look or use a little guilt. Parents can tell children how their actions affect others rather than demanding a child stop. The example given is reminding a child that touching fruit in the store that he or she could be spreading germs to others.