Child Gardening STEM SkillsWhat to improve your child’s early learning skills to ensure their future success? Studies show STEM skills are key to supporting your child’s overall academic growth, developing early critical thinking skills, and fueling his or her desire to learn. What are STEM skills?

Quite simply, STEM is an acronym for the core skills of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. In child development, these skills intertwine with hands-on, problem-based, real-world learning, making connections between school, community, work, and global enterprise. STEM skills help young children explore, observe, and predict. They boost logic, prompting questions and the integration of obtained knowledge into life.

Why are STEM skills important?

Getting children interested in STEM subjects early in life greatly improves their learning proficiency. In addition, focusing on your child’s STEM skills throughout their education will lend them a competitive edge when they compete in the global workforce later in life.

Want to help boost STEM skills in your child?

  • Focus on hands-on, investigatory learning.
  • Take your child outside, where they can observe and investigate the world around them.
  • If you can’t go outside, watch documentaries together.
  • Ask questions, encouraging further thought and exploration.
  • Ask “what” questions rather than “why” questions. “Why” questions imply a right answer, while “what” questions focus on observation and communication.
  • Introduce your child to tools such as binoculars, magnifying glasses, and telescopes.
  • Incorporate projects into your lives such as gardening, terrariums, rock and bug collections, and more.

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