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A child's earliest years are also called their formative years because this is the time when they are being formed into the adults they will become. Why not get your child off to a great start by enrolling him or her in a quality preschool program? Horizon Education Centers offer preschool that prepares children socially and academically for kindergarten. We also offer a Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) program exclusively at out North Olmsted location. The full day preschool program (6 am to 6:30pm) offers low child-to-teacher ratios, qualified, degreed teachers, year-round programming, individualized attention and meals are included.

In preschool, what may seem like mere child's play is actually preparing little ones to tackle much more challenging educational activities in the years ahead. Learning about shapes and playing with blocks and containers are the foundation for geometry. Practicing with letters and singing songs are steps on the path the literacy.

The benefits of preschool are not merely about academic knowledge. Children benefit from the opportunity to interact with schoolmates on a regular basis. Even if your child has been in daycare, interacts with siblings and cousins or has regular play dates, there is still much to be gained by attending preschool. Last year, U.S. News & World Report published an article on the findings of a study that concluded that "preschool's benefits linger into adulthood." This study found numerous benefits for children who attended preschool ranging from a decreased chance they would be involved in crime to increased earning potential. Preschool’s benefits go far beyond learning numbers and letters; early childhood education really can set a great foundation for your child’s life. The article also notes “Preschool also seemed to be especially beneficial for males and children from high-risk or impoverished families.”