Cursive_childGiving your child as many advantages as possible is a good thing. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are all valuable tools that will enable children to do their best in school and the world of business. Sometimes, something as basic as teaching your child cursive writing can make a difference in their learning process.

At Horizon Education Centers, our programs are designed for toddlers through elementary kids ages 6-12. We pride ourselves on offering programs, camps, and activities to support and enhance each child's educational journey.

One of the basic "R's" that is often times discussed and debated is whether or not children need to learn cursive writing. Some feel the ball and stick method of printing is the best way for children to begin, while others understand the fundamentals of cursive include much more than just writing.

While printing is always an option, there are several reasons why learning cursive first is more beneficial to your child:

• Learning to print first may result in your child having difficulty making the change to cursive.

• The basic ball and stick method can cause confusion between letters whereas cursive writing does not.

• Learning to write in the cursive style has a direct link to learning to read.

• The flow and linking of the letters helps children understand directional discipline which leads to better development in the spelling process.

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