horizon middle school kidsThe adjustments your child is likely to face when he or she starts middle school are both social and academic and as a parent you will have to make some adjustments as well. It helps to be prepared but not too anxious because you don't want your middle school child to pick up on the idea that middle school is something to worry about.

In "Mastering Middle School," Parenting.com outlines some of these changes for parents to be aware of:

More schoolwork: Middle school will likely require more studying. You can help your child by helping him or her keep up with assignments by providing school supplies and checking to see that work is completed. You can also see to it that your child has a workspace to do homework that is quiet with plenty of light.

Social pressure: If your child hasn't been bit by the conformity bug before middle school, there is a good chance it will happen once middle school starts. Middle school students go to different lengths to try to fit in—with some trying a bit too hard and others deciding that it's not worth the effort. Either way, your child needs your support. There is plenty that your child won’t tell you but keeping the lines of communication open means your child will feel comfortable talking to you.

Schedule changes: Middle school may require starting school earlier or later than your child did in elementary school. Your child may also have to switch classes for the first time. If your child feels overwhelmed by these changes, “You can also point out that starting middle school means she's more grown up -- and then give her a few new privileges to play up the positive.”