ER room Anyone who has taken a toddler to an emergency room knows that this can be a tense experience. In “10 Things to Know About Taking a Toddler to the Emergency Room” on, Molly Thornberg shared thoughts on how parents can help themselves and their little one through such an event.

Know Where to Go

You know how they tell you to locate the exits when you get on a plane? Some people figure they won't need to make note of the exits because it will be obvious…well, when you're in a panic, things are may not be as obvious as they seem. If you locate the nearest place where you can take your toddler before anything happens, you will be much more prepared. Thornberg says that she lives in an area with a number of urgent care facilities and that while they make take a child who has a cut, they may choose not to handle head and neck injuries, sending you on to a hospital.

Remain Calm

If you can remain calm, this will be a great comfort to your child, even if he or she is very upset. This is not always easy to do but try to remember that your child looks to you for stability. Do your best to hold in your panic or squeamish feelings about blood until you know your child is safe and can't see you break down.

Keeping Your Child Calm

Maintaining you inner calm will help you because depending on the injury or illness, you may need to calm your child. You may not have time to grab a favorite toy or book on your way out the door, but your phone will work in a pinch.

And on a daily basis, you can feel safe leaving your toddler with the caring staff of our Toddler Care Program because toddlers who receive responsive care are less likely to get in trouble, get hurt, or experience extreme frustration.

Photo credit: elefanterosado