Child Guidance

Whether your child is learning from home or at school, sifting through the vast amount of technology available to assist them can be overwhelming. Here, we’ll take a look at some common educational apps and technologies that schools employ and how you can help your child use them.

Common Educational Technology

Google Classroom: Your child may have received a Google Classroom link from their teacher. Google Classroom lets your child’s teacher create an online classroom that lets them meet with students and manage documents. 

Google Classroom also lets your child’s teacher:

  • Make assignments
  • Make announcements
  • Store classroom documents and materials
  • Interact with students and allows students to interact with each other

To use Google Classroom, you’ll need a Google account. From there, head to or the domain your child’s school uses, and enter the username and password your child’s teacher has provided. 

Epic: Epic makes thousands of books accessible to kids virtually. In addition to books, Epic features interactive videos and quizzes to help your child on their reading journey. It’s a subscription service that many schools use as part of their reading curriculum, but parents can also purchase a subscription.

To use Epic, go to and enter your child’s classroom code.

Lalilo: Lalilo is a phonics-based program for distance learning. It’s primarily used for students in grades K-2, and it provides students with personalized exercises in phonics, word recognition and comprehension.

Teachers can assign lessons through Lalilo and track class and individual progress. To use Lalilo, head to and click login and enter your student’s information from their classroom. 

Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers a variety of classes for students in elementary school through college. To use Khan Academy, head to and select your courses. Or, if your child’s teacher is using the service, enter the information provided by your child’s school to access the content.