horizon toddlerSome parents may wonder just how they can foster a sense of responsibility in a young child when that child may not be capable of taking on the chores that come to mind when we think of running a household. As adults, we are so used to completing multi-step chores that we forget many of the little steps involved. These may be actions that can be taken on by your toddler.

It can be difficult for parents to let their children do certain tasks because they fear these things won't be done correctly. However, if you can at least let the child start (and then finish later if need be once the child is out of sight), you will be doing a lot to build your child's self esteem. The BellyItch Blog listed a number of ways you can do this:

Tidying Up Toys

This not only teaches responsibility, it also helps children to understand the value of their toys. With a bin or container at a reachable height, you can put your child on the road to personal responsibility.

Dirty Clothes

If you give your child a hamper that is the right height, he or she can put dirty clothes into the hamper.

Getting Ready for Dinner

While you may not want to put your child in charge of entire place settings, a youngster can put the napkins on the table or just put one utensil (spoon) into place.

Making Beds

Toddlers will need help with this but if you make it part of a daily routine, then you will find that it will be easier to get your child to make the bed alone when he or she is older.

Child-Size Cleaning Items

Children may not do such a great job at sweeping or mopping but allowing them to "help" lets them take part in maintaining the household.