appsOur 21st Century Community Learning Centers deliver hundreds of engaging learning activities specially designed to promote a child’s desire to learn, while encouraging student learning through direct instruction and the following technology-empowered curriculum features: audio assistance, immediate feedback, and the option to repeat instruction as often as needed.

Childcare in Elyria

If you are a parent that wants to make sure your child is computer-literate and ready for the technology that will be an integral part of academic life and careers in the near future, try after school care with Horizon Education Centers.

Parents that want to give children a head start on learning to navigate technology at home will be interested to learn that the FTC is "looking a new regulations for targeting children with ads on mobile technology." A Washington Post columnist discussed how she limits her children's TV and computer time and finds ways to make sure they aren't watching a lot of commercials but does allow them to use educational apps. So she was interested to learn that in spite of her efforts, her children may be exposed to a number of pop-up ads that not only try to persuade them to like products but may also be gathering and selling information about how they use the apps.

It is important for children to learn how to use smartphone and tablets, but parents may not realize the true costs. The columnist resolved to talk with her children about the “…pervasiveness of advertising and consumerism.” She felt that there was no need to wait for the FTC to conclude its investigation before taking action.

At Horizon, each of our centers features a multi-student computer lab utilized for homework completion, skill building, and research were we monitor children to see that they are getting the most benefit from this technology.

photo credit:Sean MacEntee