Middle School At Horizon Education Centers we offer Afterschool Programs for children in middle school (although at the age they may cringe at being called “children.”). Many parents and even educators feel that this is tough age and approach children in the age group with trepidation. While children in middle school are going through a lot of changes, understanding some of what they are dealing with can help you feel more comfortable with them.

This is an age when the search for self combined with negotiating one's relationship to authority figures can produce a lot of inner turmoil. Education.com observes, "The social development of young adolescence includes some notable paradoxes. In their quest for independence, adolescents will freely conform to fit in. They rebel against adult authority while doing what they can to become adult-like."

Peer Pressure

Education.com says that adults should try to weigh in a pre-teens choice of friends knowing that if they push too hard, there is a chance that a child will rebel. At this age children see adults more clearly and recognize that they won't always be able please them so it becomes more important to gain the approval of peers.

Rebelling Against Family

Pre-teens want to feel safe and cared for while they want the space to grow into adults. This can be frustrating for them and for the adults around them. However, this time or pushing against authority is necessary because if they don't develop their own identities, they will remain child-like. Individual families have to decide just how far is too far, knowing that some rebellion is necessary for growth. Children at this age may not admire their parents as much as they once did, but instead seek other adults to emulate. Making sure your child has solid role models can help then through the middle school years.

Our Afterschool Program, designed for middle school students, offers a safe place to continue learning outside the classroom. This program provides a chance for students to develop skills through our global learning themed activities. We offer hands-on tutoring for homework help, in both one-on-one and small group atmospheres.