Helping at homeIf you find yourself frustrated with your child, sometimes it helps to try a different approach. While you know your child best, teachers work with a variety of children and have a number of approaches to discipline. listed ways that teachers say they keep order and you may want to try some of these at home.

Look Your Child in the Eye

Some teachers will sit at a desk to level with a child rather than standing over him or her. One teacher says putting yourself at a child's eye level can lessen fear that can make a child who is caught acting up decide to continue.

Empower Your Child to Use His/Her "Superpower"

All of us have characteristics that serve us well is some ways and hinder us in others. One teacher spoke of talking to a very bossy student to compliment her leadership abilities. Then, she reminded the child that need to listen sometimes if they want people to listen to them. The teacher helped the student see that she could use her leadership abilities when it was time to organize a game but there were other times when she needed to step back.

Try for cooperation instead of confrontation

Teachers suggest using "go" instead of "come," as in 'come with me to do XYZ' instead of 'go do XYZ.' You can take your child by the hand and gently lead instead of setting the stage for more defiance.

Use Your Child's Name

Some parents resort to calling a child by their full name when they are exasperated but the idea is to try to avoid exasperation. If your child doesn't pay attention the first time you ask him or her to do something, a teacher advises starting with a child's name as in, 'Mark, set the table, please.' It is also better if you give assignments while you are nearby rather than yelling from far away.