Horizon LearningWhen parents enroll their little ones in kindergarten they expect that this is the place where children will learn the basics that they need to have a good academic foundation for the school years that follow. What many well-meaning parents don't realize is that children benefit from being prepared to enter kindergarten.

The need for kindergarten readiness is a factor for academic success in our changing and more competitive world. It is important for parents to realize that sending a child to get this kind of preparation outside of the home does not mean they are inadequate parents. On the contrary, making sure your child enters school ready to learn is one of the best things you can do for him or her. You lay the groundwork with a supportive home environment and then, early childhood education eases your child into what will be required when they begin kindergarten. When children participate in early childhood education they are guided into reading and math concepts that are age-appropriate and they have the opportunity to get use to a classroom setting.

Recognizing a need to increase access to and participation in quality early childhood education programming, The Elyria City School District approached the early childhood education community in Elyria to build a collaboration with the goal of improving and expanding quality preschool programming in Elyria to ensure all children are prepared to for Kindergarten. This initiative formally launched in 2012 and is known 
as Ready, Set, Go… to Kindergarten (RSG). Horizon Education Centers are proud to be founding members of the initiative and have long been committed to the provision of quality preschool programming.

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