Toddler taking flightTaking a trip with a toddler can be very exciting—you get to see your destination through your child's eyes. You may want to prepare your child with books about airplanes, airports or flights so he or she has some idea of what to expect before you being your travels. Some children find airplanes fascinating; others may have questions about just how the plane gets into the sky; and still others may be concerned about what there is to do on an airplane.

EHow offers tips for parents who will need to fly with a toddler:

Containing Energy

Make sure your toddler understands that he or she will not be able to walk around the airplane alone (although you can carry your child to walk in the cabin in need be). You can let your child get some of his or her energy out in the airport before the flight.

Keeping Your Child Occupied

You can bring a favorite toy along on the trip as long as it is airplane-ready and as long as you are prepared to make certain that this beloved toy makes it home. Some parents also choose to give a toddler a new toy during a trip so its novelty will keep a child distracted during the journey.

Bring a few different things (crayons and paper, books) for your child to do and look at during the flight along with treats to eat.

Prepare for earaches

You can give a toddler a bottle or sippy cup when the plane takes off and lands. If you think you need to, consult your child's doctor for recommendations before your trip.

Dress In Layers

This advice also applies to adult travelers. It is important to wear comfortable clothing (nothing too tight) and to be able to remove or add a layer depending on the temperature.

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