mother talking to babyBuilding your child’s early learning skills begins before preschool, possibly even before birth, and the simplest and most effective way to begin is by simply talking to your baby. Evidence suggests talking to your baby is very important, aiding in your child’s development and communication skills. In fact, the more you talk the better.

Nurture your baby’s early learning skills with these simple tips:

  • Don’t wait.
    Your baby’s ears work just fine, and studies show the more you talk with babies – even preemies – the more they respond with their own sounds. In fact, babies in talkative families tend to have higher IQs and test scores than those in less talkative households.
  • Be responsive.
    Consider reactions and follow baby’s line of sight, choosing topics based on what grabs his or her interest.
  • Read.
    Reading boosts vocabulary and provides entertaining topics you may have overlooked.
  • Allow for conversation.
    Don't monopolize the conversation. Give your baby a chance to talk too, and then respond as you would in a conversation with your friend or spouse.
  • Don’t count on the TV for a substitute.
    While TV can be a learning tool, studies show back-and-forth interaction is essential to early learning and child development. TV characters don’t react to or encourage your baby, so use the TV wisely.

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