horizon education centers recessIf you grew up with recess then you know how beneficial it can be for a child's wellbeing. The chance to step away from academic subjects for a time can help children do better when they are supposed to focus on academics. As you may be aware, many schools have cut the time allotted to recess in order to meet more rigorous academic standards.

At a time when recess on the decline, the American Academy on Pediatrics (AAP) has released its first policy statement on recess, touting its benefits and stipulating that withholding recess should not be a form of punishment.

USA Today states that while "73% of elementary schools provide regular recess for all grades," "40% of U.S. school districts have reduced or eliminated recess to allow more time for core academics, and one in four elementary schools no longer provides access to all grades." This means that recess varies across the country and that some students have little or no time for recess.

The AAP also adds that recess is not supposed to take the place of physical education but complement it. Recess is a time to decompress so that children can return to their academic subjects refreshed and ready to learn. Children have a lot of energy and need the opportunity to play. Many working adults find ways to take breaks and children need them as well.

No matter how much recess time your child gets in school, if they attend Horizon Education Centers they will have opportunities for active indoor/outdoor playtime that is not solely focused on the same academic subjects he or she takes in school.