toddler tantrumUnfortunately, tantrums aren’t restricted to the "Terrible Twos." They’re a fact of life throughout the whole toddler stage. The first seeds of independence are sprouting in your child, prompting him to test his limits along with your sanity.

Even the most good-natured children aren’t immune from these scenes, so suggests that you develop some strategies to help you head them off at the pass. You may find some of these ideas to be effective ways to tame toddler tantrums.

  • Divert your child’s attention with a silly stunt such as making faces or coming up with a goofy song. Toddlers love to laugh, so it’s not difficult to catch their attention with humor. It also reduces stress hormones and replaces them with positive ones, making this tactic beneficial for their health as well.
  • Take a page from the book on dealing with adult anger. Looking your child in the eye while lowering your voice to a whisper causes her to quiet down as well in order to hear what you’re saying. Be sure to use this hint selectively so your toddler doesn’t catch on, causing it to lose its effectiveness.
  • Tantrums are, to one extent or another, motivated by attention-seeking. The next time your child begins acting up, as long as he’s not being destructive, simply continue reading, cooking or whatever you happen to be doing. Humming or singing can emphasize the message that you’re not reacting. This way his behavior isn’t reinforced by getting the desired response.

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