toddlersAs a working parent, you want the best quality care for your toddler when you can’t be present. Choosing where your child will spend his or her day is a hard decision; you want to know that not only are their basic needs being met, but they are being socialized with children their age, taught new and stimulating things, and are being compassionately cared for just as they are at home.

Toddlers need special attention as they constantly change, develop and learn. As explains, from age 18 to 36 months children pass many milestones which are essential to health and development. You were there when they journeyed through the house on their pudgy hands and knees for the first time, when they made those wobbly first steps, and when they spoke their first word. You want to be confident in the knowledge they will be just as safe and secure when they reach their next landmark away from home.

In the next year of his or her life, your toddler will learn to do lots of new and exciting things, such as:

  • Undressing without help
  • Potty training
  • Learning hygiene such as brushing teeth and washing hands
  • Using language to express needs and desires
  • Increasing independence
  • Learning to socialize
  • Developing the motor skills to scribble and paint
  • And lots of other amazing new things!

Horizon Education Centers understand how important the right environment, activities and care is for your toddler’s well-being. We strive to provide your child the same level of care he or she would receive at home and provide you with a sense of relief and security in the fact that your toddler is safe and happy.

Some of the benefits of Toddler Care at Horizon are:

  • Child-centered activities
  • Breakfast, lunch and snack served daily
  • Creative Curriculum Programming
  • Educated & experienced teachers
  • Teaches self-help, social, and cognitive skills
  • Active indoor/outdoor playtime
  • 1:7 ratio of teachers to children
  • Potty training assistance

Making sure your child is in the right hands is top on your priority list, and we want you to know its top on ours too.