Horizon Child. Toddlers may seem bossy when expressing their desires and it is up to parents and caregivers to guide them towards the appropriate behavior based on the situation. Signing up for the discounted Toddler Care program at Horizon Education Centers will give your child the opportunity to work on social and emotional development with our experienced professionals.

In "9 Ways to Encourage Toddler Independence," on Babble.com, Beth Anne Ballance offers suggestions for parents to try at home:

Choosing Clothes

Perhaps before you had children, you saw parents out and about who had toddlers wearing superhero capes, tutus or mismatched clothing and wondered what was going on. Ballance says, "…as long as she's dressed appropriately for the weather and society, does it really matter what she's wearing?" This can be a tough call for some parents. Consider giving your child a choice of a few outfits each morning if you really can't imagine letting your child go out in whatever he or she wants to wear.


As a parent, you may have a good idea of the kinds of activities that would suit your child best but you may be surprised at what happens when you allow your child to choose for themself. Whether your child picks something too easy or too difficult, there are life lessons to be learned and you will be there to offer support. At this age, you might want to let your child choose something that is a one-time activity or something that lasts a few weeks rather than signing up for something that will last an entire school year.

Free Time

Structured activities are good but you can also give your child some free time to play on her or her own. Choose a safe space such as a fenced in yard or a play area at home, and allow your child time free time on their own to explore and discover for themselves. "Let her do weird things like roll in the leaves and pretend to be a mermaid in the water. It will grow her imagination and build her own confidence.”