Lorain County day care centerChoosing a daycare center for your child can be a difficult decision. You want your child to be happy, safe and engaged so you don’t worry while you are at work or school. You want your child to be in an environment that is educational and intellectually, emotionally and physically stimulating. And you want your child to be cared for by nurturing adults with the training to successfully guide your child’s development.

What to Look For

There are numerous daycare options available in Lorain County. Use the following tips to choose the best daycare center for your child:

• Look for a state-licensed facility. Licensed daycare centers must meet state requirements for health, safety, staff education and child/staff ratios.

• Ask about child/staff ratios. Minimum Ohio staffing requirements for licensed daycare facilities are: infants 1:5; toddlers 1:8; and preschoolers 1:12.

• Visit daycare centers while classes are in session.

• Ask about available transportation if your child will also be attending school.

• Ask if the center closes for holidays, vacations, staff training or other reasons.

• Ask about the sick child policy and whether sick care is available.

• Look around the facility. Is it clean, colorful and in good repair? Are there a variety of toys and activities to engage children? Is there a safe outdoor play area?

• Caregivers should be calm, friendly and actively engaged with the children.

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