Horizon toddlersThe world of a toddler is an enchanting and captivating place, filled with wonder and excitement. And in this amazing world, new things are learned every single day. Toddlers also want the opportunity to build their independence, be proud of their achievements, and boost their self-confidence. For every toddler, skills must be learned over time. However, a good child care and toddler focused program can help to increase toddler skills and help your child achieve their own goals.

Physical Skills

There are many physical skills that toddlers need to learn. For most of toddlers, they develop a yearning to master these important skills simply by watching their parents or their brothers and sisters do them. Activities like hand-washing, using the bathroom, and feeding themselves are all important. What we may perceive as little successes are big achievements to growing toddlers.

Social and Emotional Development

Unfortunately, toddlerhood is a time filled with thoughts of "Me! Me! Me!” Most toddlers are not aware of the needs of those around them, nor are they able to process their own unique (and sometimes scary) feelings and emotions. In a safe and caring environment, your child can learn activities like how to share well with others and how to process what it means to be angry in a productive way. With the right kind of instruction, these important social skills can be picked up easily and quickly.

Cognitive Development

One of the most incredible things about toddlers is how much information they can pick up and retain at one time. 18 to 36 months of age is an important time in to work on cognitive development. Learning memory skills and problem-solving skills will go a long way toward building a good foundation that will serve them well once they enter school.

It's exciting to watch how eager toddlers are to learn and grow. Their bodies are growing quickly and their minds are expanding at an incredible rate. We'd love to help your child grow too. For more information on our program, contact us today at Horizon Education Centers.