divide ohio educationOver the past half century we have come a long way in bridging the racial divide in our country, but a disturbing new education report shows that we still have a long way to go. A national study has revealed huge gaps in reading and math achievement between white and black students in many regions of the country and in all of Ohio’s major cities.

Nationally, Ohio ranked at the bottom of the list in educational equality between races. Only five states had greater achievement gaps between white and black student test scores than the Buckeye State, according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation Race For Results report.

Gap Is Hard to Address

In Lorain County the gap between white and black students is about 10% in reading and 15% in math, according to the report. It is a problem that cannot be explained away by economic differences alone. As an interesting article in the Chillicothe Gazette explains, black children as a group performed below disadvantaged students in both reading and math.

The problem is complex and appears to be driven by:

  • Economic issues
  • Less opportunity for early childhood education
  • Community failure to value reading, and
  • Lack of educational summer activities

What Parents Can Do

Parents can play an important role in boosting their children’s reading and math achievement.

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