ReadingEncouraging a love of reading in your child provides a gateway to future academic and personal success. But it is also the first step in a journey that can ignite your child’s imagination, tickle his curiosity and introduce him to new worlds of exciting people, places and ideas to explore.

Focus on your Child’s Interests

Young children enjoy being read to. Bedtime stories are a nightly event in many homes. Cuddling with your child and reading a story is a nice way to end the day. As children move into the toddler and preschool years and beyond, their tastes in reading materials can be expected to change. Parents can encourage a love of reading by finding books that appeal to their child’s current interests.

Use books as a way to answer your child’s questions or help him learn more about something he is interested in. Look for clues to your toddler’s interests in playtime activities. Picture books that tell stories based on popular children’s toys can help your daughter transfer her interest in Pretty Ponies to reading or encourage your son to read books about his favorite Lego characters.

Keep Books Age Appropriate

Keep books age appropriate. Plastic books that can stand up to drool are perfect for babies. Board books can won’t bend or tear in a toddler’s hands are the next step. When your child is ready for paper books, start with short stories that have lots of pictures.

At Horizon Education Centers, we make reading a daily part of your child’s activities. If you are looking for some good books to spark your child’s love of reading, ask your child’s toddler care or preschool teacher for some suggestions. 


photo credit: Brenda Starr