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Why Your Child Needs Sleep

Posted by David Smith on Wed, Mar 02, 2022 @ 05:45 PM

“You need a nap” is most parents’ default response when toddlers get cranky—and not without good reason. After all, we know our young children need their sleep, and the change in their mood and behavior before and after a nap is remarkable enough to demonstrate the benefits of sleep. 

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Effective Bedtime Routines for Preschoolers Mean Better Sleep

Posted by Dave Smith on Wed, Oct 07, 2015 @ 07:30 AM

A well-rested child is also well-prepared to learn, and participate in and enjoy life. If your preschooler is struggling to fall asleep, there also might be behavior, mood and memory challenges. According to WebMD, children need at least nine hours of sleep per night for optimal living (with KidsHealth recommending 11 to 12 hours of sleep for preschoolers, which includes their naptime).

So here are some tips to help your child – and you – get a much better night’s sleep.

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Light Is Key to Setting Your Toddler’s Sleep Clock

Posted by David Smith on Fri, Mar 21, 2014 @ 10:50 AM

Just because it’s time for lights out doesn’t always mean your toddler is sleepy. When bedtime and your child’s body clock don’t match up, parents may find their evening interrupted by a seemingly endless list of complaints and requests until their child’s need for sleep kicks in. That the problem is greatest during longer summer days is no surprise to researchers who have found that light has a pronounced effect on the body’s sleep and wake cycles.

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Tips to Help Your Toddler Prepare for Sleep

Posted by David Smith on Wed, Mar 19, 2014 @ 10:50 AM

Most toddlers require between 12 and 14 hours of sleep a day, according to the National Sleep Foundation; but that includes naptimes while your child is at Horizon’s toddler care program. If your child is napping once or twice a day while at childcare, he may need slightly less sleep at night. Parents will also find that toddlers sleep more during growth spurts. If you are concerned about your child’s bedtime sleep habits, your toddler’s teacher may be able to offer some helpful suggestions.

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Helping Your Child Sleep Through the Night

Posted by David Smith on Thu, Jan 24, 2013 @ 11:34 AM

While parents treasure sleep, many children are not convinced that sleep is a necessity. In addition to establishing bedtime rituals, parents have to also make sure that habits that are a part of a child's daytime routine do not sabotage their efforts to make sure their child gets enough sleep. Children may not want to sleep so you need to see to it that they are at least physically ready to sleep at bedtime.

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Time to Reset Your Child’s Clock for School!

Posted by David Smith on Sun, Aug 26, 2012 @ 07:43 AM

Wouldn’t it be great if the night before school starts you could flick a switch and your children would instantly snap back into school mode? Unfortunately, it takes most kids (and let’s be honest, parents too) a couple of weeks to reset their clocks and successfully transition from lazy summer days back to busy school and day care schedules. The sooner you start, the sooner you and your child will be back in the groove.

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