summer-campWe’ve been reading an intriguing blog called Everything Summer Camp, where stories are shared about celebrities and their experiences at summer camp. The most recent post reveals the story of Halston Sage, a young woman who has appeared on the television series How to Rock in 2011, plus The First Time and Nickelodeon programs Victorious and Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures.

Sage has also appeared in films, such as The Bling Ring with Emma Watson and Grown Ups 2 with Adam Sandler, plus Goosebumps with Jack Black and Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. Interestingly enough, Sage has said that being on the set with the crew of Grown Ups 2 was remarkably similar to … being in summer camp!

As a child living in Los Angeles, she traveled far from home to attend summer camp at Crescent Lake at Camp Laurel South near Portland, Maine. There, she could enjoy a “great beach and clear waters, sports fields and pristine woodlands.” She discovered that she loved horseback riding and went on to become an award-winning rider.

Family Tradition

“All the coolest things I know how to do, I learned to do at camp.” —Julia Roberts

Roberts clearly loved her experiences at summer camp—and then her niece, Emma Roberts, followed in her footsteps, both in acting and in her love of camp. Emma chose Camp Birchwood in Minnesota, owned by a family member, where she “spent six whole summers playing tennis, practicing archery and going sailing.”

Emma has played the lead role in Unfabulous, a Nickelodeon program for which she was nominated for a Teen Choice Award, among others. She also played the role of Nancy Drew in a 2006 film.

Closer to Home

It’s not often practical to send your child across the country to summer camp, like when Halston Sage went from California to Maine. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Horizon Education Centers provides an excellent day camp experience for children, and the benefits are numerous. Here are just some of them in a quote that we love so much that we’re sharing it again.

“What makes it so exciting is that you’re doing it on your own, making friends with kids whose parents Mom and Dad don’t even know! Taking part in the traditions of chanting, singing and clapping—an oral history that is handed down from child to child. There’s no parent telling you from the sideline what a great job you’re doing. Kids take ownership of the whole experience, and this shapes their identity and their character.”

Still trying to decide if summer camp makes sense for your child? Last year, we provided a blog post that walked parents through that decision-making process—and we encourage you to take a look. Here are just some of the activities that children enjoyed at the 2015 camp:

  • Lolly the Trolley
  • Lake View Cemetery and Dam
  • Pioneer Waterland
  • Greater Cleveland Aquarium
  • Animal Safari Wildlife Park
  • Akron Zoo
  • Beck Center for the Arts
  • libraries
  • parks
  • swimming pools

Don’t delay! Create memories of a lifetime for your child through summer camp experiences.

It’s hard to believe, but true: Summer is just around the corner. We’d love to talk to you about your summer camp needs, so be sure to visit our website.

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