Beyond providing an outlet for creative expression, summer art projects help to encourage imaginative thinking in children and build their confidence as they watch their ideas come to life. To help get the creative wheels turning, here are four summer art projects for kids!

#1: Scented Rainbow Bubbles

Using just a few ingredients, some of which you may already have at home, you can create homemade bubbles with the “rainbow treatment.” You might decide to match the color with the scent, such as yellow bubbles for lemon or purple for grape, or just pick the scents that make your kids the happiest.

Ingredients include:

  • Empty egg cartons
  • Unscented dish soap
  • Glycerin
  • Essential oils
  • Food coloring
  • Bottles or jars (with lids)
  • Scissors
  • Wire and/or pipe cleaners
  • Wire cutters

Find step-by-step instructions here


#2: Cactus Pet Rock

Let’s face it. Live cacti are too prickly to be hugged—as Felipe the young cactus shares in Simona Ciraolo’s Hug Me. (Don’t worry about Felipe! He comes up with a great plan to make a friend.)

Even though cuddling cacti isn’t a good idea for young hands, your children can still enjoy them through another suggested summer art project for kids. It’s pretty simple, too: painting rocks with faces, adding googly eyes, and placing them in clay pots. Get more info here


#3: Tie-Dyed Shirts chimes in with this idea, listing exactly what you’ll need for this project: a tie dye kit (they recommend a specific brand); white shirts or other white items you’d like to tie dye; plastic bags or plastic wrap; and a plastic bin.

You can find detailed instructions at the site along with other items they’ve successfully tie dyed; these include aprons, tote bags, and hats. They note how many craft stores have a section of white canvas items that can be tie dyed. With thicker cotton or canvas, wet the material first to create more vibrant colors.


#4: Colorful Suncatchers

Finally, offers instructions to make eye-catching suncatchers. Head to this site to find simple instructions that require the following:

  • Elmer’s white glue
  • Food coloring or liquid watercolor paint
  • Toothpicks
  • Flexible plastic lid (yogurt lids work well)
  • Hole punch
  • String

Supervise your children while swirling food coloring. If it’s done too much, the colors will mix together, creating all brown suncatchers. Plus, while the glue is drying, put the suncatchers where your kids can’t touch them. If handled too early, this could ruin the artwork.


Horizon Weaves Art Into Their Summer Camp Curriculum

We integrate summer art projects for kids into our summer camp experience. Designed for youth ages six through 14, at Horizon’s Summer Camp, you can count on experienced teachers that care, an engaging, sensory-rich environment, and strong parent-staff partnerships. From fun-filled outings to learning opportunities, and weekly themes to field trips, your children will truly benefit!

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