There are numerous benefits of summer camp, including these: 

  • Kids learn teamwork and how relationships benefit when people work together
  • Camp fosters resilience and builds confidence
  • Camp helps children to develop quality decision-making skills
  • Camp helps children learn how to overcome obstacles, try new things and step out of comfort zones
  • Camp helps children to mature, overallThinkstockPhotos-685864090
  • Kids get a much-needed break from technology

 A quality camp experience is so important: “Those tangible experiences lead to building the foundations of stronger children who can lead others, show empathy, navigate through difficult group dynamics, value the differences in everyone, and give of oneself for the benefit of others . . . These are skills that the best in our society show throughout life.”

And, of course, there’s one more important benefit: summer camp is fun!

Here’s the Good News

It’s not too late to sign up for summer camp 2019 at Horizon Education Center. It starts on June 10 with the theme of adventure – and, here is our promise: we’re going to pack more fun, adventure and learning into this summer than most kids experience in a lifetime! Your child will enjoy and benefit from:

  • Fun and exciting weekly field trips
  • Swimming instruction
  • Participation in cool clubs, including (but not limited to!) gardening, cheer and football
  • Our summer reading program (summer learning loss is very real; here are fun ways you can combat that at home)
  • Family events

 Our staff excels in challenging students in interesting ways to keep mind and body moving, sharing science, math, art and more in hands-on ways that are so fun your child will never know that one of the goals is to prevent summer learning loss

Experience Matters

Horizon Education Centers has been providing quality programming for children in Northeast Ohio since 1978. At that time, we provided only after-school care. Since then, we’ve added before-school care, summer programming, preschool programming and toddler care. We provide transportation and enrich your child’s learning and growing experiences through tutoring, dance, science and nature, gym, computer labs and much more.

Our focus: providing a safe place while parents work or go to school, while we help students achieve academically.Horizon Summer Camp'