Located near the westside of Cleveland, Ohio City is a culturally diverse neighborhood home to 9,000 residents and 250+ businesses. Over the past several years, the neighborhood has grown significantly, not just from a population standpoint, but also with the commitment of dedicated businesses. Horizon Education Centers is proud to be one of those businesses.

Breathing New Life Into a Vacant Ohio City Area

Since taking over the business from my mother 20 years ago, I have worked to exponentially grow Horizon Education Centers. This includes the addition of Horizon’s Market Square location, which first opened back in Spring 2016.

Prior to being home to Horizon Market Square, 2500 West 25th Street was a marred and dangerous neighborhood parking lot. The Horizon team came in, cleaned up an area that no one had cared for in years, and converted it into a child care center accommodating all children from all incomes and backgrounds.

Mayor Bibb Celebrates the Neighborhood Restoration

Recently, Mayor Justin Bibb stopped by Market Square to extend his gratitude for the work Horizon has put into Ohio City. As Mayor Bibb walked the area with Horizon employees, children who attend Horizon came outside to give their teachers a hug and say hello!

We love to see the progress being made in Ohio City and are proud to be a part of this community’s growth.

Explore Our Market Square Location

Horizon’s Market Square location is located steps from the Westside Market, an RTA station, and many other parks and playgrounds where children can enjoy the outdoors. It boasts a Four-Star Step Up to Quality rating, offers preschool scholarships, and provides convenient transportation for school-age children.

Learn more about the programs offered at Market Square — and when you’re ready, schedule a tour!

Horizon Education Centers offers childcare in Northeast Ohio. Centers are located in Cuyahoga County and Lorain County.